No spy accounts

We try to prevent espionage through different protection systems. On one hand we offer you the possibility to see the progress of your last alliances with each player. This allows you to see directly if someone has been in a hostile alliance recently, which might indicate that it is an espionage account. On the other hand, we try to prevent multi-accounts on the technical side.

Cheat free game

We give cheats or hacks no ground. We continually test our system for gaps and loopholes. Should any glitch be reported to us, we will correct them immediately with by our emergency team. We place great emphasis on fair play for the greatest possible fun.

No multi-user accounts

By tracking and monitoring several factors, e.g. the IP address, we always try to detect and prevent multi-users. In this way, we want to protect you from unfair espionage attempts. Multi-accounts in foreign alliances are blocked immediately upon detection. Holiday replacements within your alliance therefore are possible at short notice.

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